october, 2021

image object vol.2

Oct 8 - Nov 16, 2021

PGI photo gallery, Tokyo

Contemporary Daguerreotype Exhibition “Care: In an Age of Uncertainty”

A shape of me

Our mind is trapped and enclosed in one fragile body. We should mutate body and soul in order to adapt. Lately we have faced this urgent need, when body and mind were locked in order to be protected. This anthropomorphic creature remind us that we need to heal and then to care, for us and for the future. "A shape of me" is the mirror of the difficulty to embrace this transformation. Realized during the first summer of Covid 19’s era in 2020. Although there are distant in time, for us they are speaking of the care we have to give to this evolution, for the sake of the humanity. The constellation around the non binary gender creature lying on the ground accompany her/him towards her/his vital transmutation. Fingers like claws are warning us : do we have to mutate in a more agressive form in order to protect ourself from new type of agressions ? Or shall we surrender and just elevate ourselves ?