The story started

About us

Simone Choulle is born from the meeting of two enthusiasts of still and moving images: Nina Zaragoza and Hélène Védrenne.
We incarnate Simone Choulle: an entity with 2 dissolved and linked unconscious, where Simone is our vehicle, an avatar in an exclusively photographic reality.
Simone Choulle is our Lady Hyde, through her we question photography freely without photogenic, without dogma.
Our research leads us to set up processes during which the subject himself explores his own representation.
We also try to unveil the chimeric portrait of Simone through double self-portraits on the same take. The exploration is multiple: photography as subject, self-portrait and intimacy.

Simone Choulle vit et travaille depuis plusieurs décennies entre Paris et l’Espagne, dont elle est pour partie originaire. Son oeuvre est marquée par un souci de la précision picturale et technique : un scrutage au plus près de la peau et des corps photographiés, qu’exalte 
le choix de procédés rares.

Cyrille Duvert

A little about us: meeting in Spéos in 1995.
Hélène will teach the large-format camera, studio lighting and the laboratory for 15 years.
Nina comes to Spèos to find the ideal positive for heliogravure/photogravure process.From the start of the encounter, the fusion operates. 3 months later our first double self-portraits emerge, in our small apartment / laboratory / studio. Simone Choulle was born without being named, she will definitely come to life during a one-year stay in Madrid in 1997.

From 1998, our collaboration will be professional and artistic through exhibitions and installations.

2009, first contact with the daguerreotype through an initiation by Marc Keuren during the 1st contemporary daguerreotype exhibition in Bry-sur-Marne.

We leave Paris for Spain to practice the daguerreotype.
We create the Taller Daguerrotipo workshop: we organize workshops, conferences and reconstructions around historical photo processes.